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All Snake River Flying Club LLC aircraft come with Full Hull and Liability insurance coverage.  All rates are wet (include the fuel) and we never charge for headphone rental. It is strongly suggested you purchase your own Renter's Policy for insurance - SRFC LLC carries full insurance for the protection of the LLC and the aircraft owners and instructors, but due to the extremely high cost of rental airplane insurance, we are unable to provide protection for the renters for possible liabilities that might arise.  We apologize for this, but it is an industry-wide problem, post 9/11.

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Schedule a Flight!

NOTE:  We are trying to get this page working more smoothly - it is not very well designed for use in a flight school setting. 

We had to describe services as 2 hour blocks, but the rates are what you will pay for ONE hour.  Of course, it would be best to phone, text or email us the first time you set up appointments, and we will make sure it gets done correctly. 

An email will be sent to notify us of your requested lesson time, each time you schedule.

MAKE SURE when you schedule a lesson, you schedule both the AIRPLANE and your CFI!!  They are not linked, and failure to do so will result in you showing up for a lesson, and one of those vital components will not be there! It is a good idea to check that both are available

before you schedule.

  • Flight Instructor Lisa

    CFI-AIM (Flight Instructor, Airplanes, Instrument, Multi-Engine) ATP

    2 hr

    $60 per hour

  • Flight Instructor Chris

    2 hr

    $60 per hour

  • Flight Instructor Cody

    2 hr

    $60 per hour

  • Cessna 152

    Weight Restrictions Apply

    2 hr

    $100 per hour

  • Piper Arrow

    Available for Complex Training/Commercial Training only

    2 hr

    $150 per hour

  • Cessna 172 (01X)

    Weight Restrictions Apply

    2 hr

    $110 per hour

  • Cessna 172 (154)

    Cessna 13154

    2 hr

    $110 per hour

  • Discovery Flight!

    YOU do the flying!

    1 hr


  • Private Pilot Ground School

    A Perpetual Ground School! FAR/AIM and ASA Private Test Prep included

    Started Jul 30


Discovery Flights:  PLEASE CALL TO ARRANGE.  On Line

            booking cannot be used for this service.

                Ground School runs January through July, then restarts after a 2-3 week break in the summer. 

You are welcome to join in any time, and stay for the topics you missed in the event you come in mid session.