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 First - do NOT click on the "JOIN US" link.  It cannot be disabled and it does nothing useful.  

Snake River Flight Training is the only school in the Treasure Valley powered completely by LyCon engines. LyCon is famous for providing the highest quality engine overhauling services in the country.  *The exception is the Stinson, with the Franklin engine which LyCon does not overhaul.  That engine was sent to a specialty shop in North Carolina.  


Photo by Tony Speer


One of the most satisfying things we can do is to train GOOD pilots, not just pilots.  Rich Stowell, National CFI of the Year and national FAAST team rep of the year, plus author of "PARE" "Emergency Maneuver Training", "Stall/Spin Awareness" to mention just a few, has recently teamed with us on some training ideas and videos. Watch his webpage for upcoming programs which will be fantastic skill builders for ANY pilot!

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What is the difference between a 141 and 61 school? A question we get A LOT!  141 is generally a much larger school, they can take government funding and are usually a 'pipeline' to the airlines for their instructors.  If you prefer a large school setting, that would be a good fit for you.  We are part 61, (people call all the time and ask!) are not large and we will never get any bigger.  Many years ago, we were a flying club with the typical membership format.  But several years ago, our training end of the business became so busy, that we have dropped the flying club model, and are purely a school now.  We no longer charge a membership, and we also no longer rent our planes to non-students. 

 Our focus is to help young instructors move forward with their careers just like a 141 would, but we do it on a smaller and more personal level. We hire instructors who were taught by us with our particular focus on the basics, and in turn they create pilots who perpetuate that skillset and piloting discipline.

We specialize in Old School flying - no electronic calculators, no using the moving map on the GPS screen.  Our emphasis is for understanding of the raw data and knowing where you are on a paper chart at all times.  You can always turn to the moving map page on the GPS, but you cannot always turn to mastery of paper chart navigation when the electronics fail.  And they DO fail.  Your paper chart will never turn off! Most instruction nowadays considers the paper charts to be a backup.  We consider the moving map on a GPS to be the backup! (And yes, our planes all have full Garmin panels, our 172's have dual GPS units) Does this mean we will not use ForeFlight?  Nope, it does not mean that at all.  It means we teach you to FLY, and not rely on electronics.  Our students who use ForeFlight are highly proficient using it, but they are equally proficient with paper.  

The curricula for 61 and 141 are the same, so you will not learn more or less by going with either type school.  Owners Jim and Lisa personally train many of the students at Snake River, and during your training you will not only fly with your regular full time instructor, you will also get reviews from Lisa and/or Jim.  With nearly 40 years as a CFI, it is a great way to prep for your solo and your check ride, and feel VERY well prepared. (We want the lessons to be way harder than the check ride will ever be.  That is when you are ready.) 

If you have been considering your tailwheel endorsement, here is your chance to do it in a post-WWII golden age of aviation classic. Our 1947 Stinson is one of the lowest time airplanes to be found in the whole country, and has a newly overhauled Franklin engine, Garmin GNS430 GPS navcom plus ADS-B out/in.


Cessna 152 (141  hp conversion)

IFR certified

Cessna 172B (163 hp)

IFR certified

Cessna 172D (163 hp)

VFR day/night

Cessna 182P (264 hp)

Dual Training Only

High Performance Sign Offs

IFR certified

Stinson Voyager 108-2 (165 hp)

Dual Training Only

Tailwheel Sign Offs

VFR only


And if you want our training philosophy in a it is:


Click here for the FAA requirements, made easy!


To sign up for a lesson, your instructor will get you signed up on our online scheduling app.  To sign up for a Discovery Flight, you will need to contact us directly, and we will arrange a time that is convenient for you.


As a courtesy to our instructors and your fellow students, you need to cancel no later than 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. We know life springs things on us and cancellations cannot be avoided, so we rarely exercise the penalty, but failure to cancel more than 48 hours ahead of your scheduled appointment  can result in a one hour charge for the airplane as well as a one hour charge for your instructor.  We are not a huge school with limitless airplanes, so we really appreciate cancellations to be far enough in advance that others can see the new opening and schedule it for themselves.


Lisa A Breuer


Airline Transport Pilot

Flight Instructor Airplane,

Instrument and Multi-Engine

Jim Breuer


Commercial Pilot

Austin Warth


Commercial Pilot

Alexandra Troyer


Commercial Pilot

*We do not charge for the entire time you are with your CFI.  Policy is that we will charge you only for the time that you are receiving instruction, which generally means you only pay for the time with your CFI when you are flying. (Exceptions: When extensive  ground school is needed during lesson time, and first supervised solos)


Congratulations to

our  solos!

Congratulations to

our checkrides!

Chris M.                      Matt B.                         Owen M.                  Sarah C.           Gary W.       Cayze V.                     Austin F.                      James R.                  Erik B.               Travis W.       Betsy W.                    Jason M.                      Janene D.                Marian M.         Paul A.
Jared F.                      Kenny G.                      Aaron S.                   Maguire W.      Jared B.       Joe R.                         John W.                       Andrew S.                 Rachel F.         Mike M.        Jaxon S.                     Jake P.                         Zac S.                         Ben C.             Guy S.           Josh W.                       Erik C.                         Mekel H.                    David H.          Alex T.         Blake A.                      Austin W.                   Liam B.                       Brandon G.     Jim H.           Becky H.                    Merle S.                      Quinn L.                      Oakley H.       Luke N.       Marcus S.                   Patrick O.                    Dan C.                        Tony S.           Jared N.     James B.                    Jose H.                        Robyn H.                   Corey S.          Dave K.      Zach H.                     Julian A.                       Sara L.                       Wes R.            Justin K.        CJ G.                          Spencer S.                  Sam L.                       Bennett H.     Benjamin H.
Kaydence A              Jacob H.                      Gordon H.                  Xavier B.        ClaraLeigh E.
Cobin T.                      Ryder B.                     William W.                
Shane B.        Tucker V.
Courtney P.               James L.                      Nick H.                       Ryan C.          Natania O.
Tyler D.
Rob S: Instrument                       Paul A: Private Pilot             Owen M: Private Pilot           Joe R: Private Pilot                      Travis W: Private Pilot         Betsy W: Private Pilot
Gary W.: Private Pilot                  Paul R: Private Pilot             Logan T: Commercial Pilot   Eric B: Private Pilot                      Mike M: Private Pilot           Kelsey M: Inst. Rating
Ben C: Private Pilot                     Mike M: Inst. Rating             Mike M: Comm. Pilot   

Maguire W: Private Pilot            Eric C. Private Pilot              Tom H: Private Pilot
Alec L: Private
(in his Stinson)         Austin W: Private Pilot        Lucas S: Commercial Pilot Mike M: CFI                                  Travis W: Inst. Rating           Alex T: Private Pilot
Sarah C: Private Pilot                  Quinn L: Private Pilot          Nick K: Inst. Rating  
Brandon G: Private Pilot             
Travis W: Comm. Pilot        Maguire W: Comm. Pilot
Jared N: Private Pilot                  Dusty G: Private Pilot          Dan C: Private Pilot               Tony S. Private Pilot                     Robyn H: Private Pilot        James B: Private Pilot    
Alex T: Instrument Rating           Hayden S: Private Pilot      
Tanner K: Inst. Rating 
Alex T: Commercial Pilot            
Julian A: Private Pilot          Becky H: Private Pilot
Bennett H: Private Pilot              Benjamin H: Private Pilot    Eric H: Private Pilot
Wes R: Private Pilot                     Xavier B: Private Pilot          Carter R: Private Pilot
Marissa A: Commercial Pilot      Kasey G: Private Pilot          Alex T: CFI
Kaydence A: Private Pilot           Tom H: Commercial Pilot    Brandon G: Instrument Rtg
Courtney P: Private Pilot             Will W: Private Pilot


5515 Aviation Way 


(Look for us just west of Gate 6)

(208) 860-7283

(208) 860-3367

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