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If you would like to schedule a Discovery Flight - please TEXT us first.  We do not put students on to our scheduling app prior to your Discovery Flight. To schedule a Discovery Flight, please call or text 860-3367 or 860-7283

DO NOT use anything from Wix ("Wix member" "contact" etc) to get additional info or try to get access to scheduling.  THIS DOES NOT WORK. Please text us at the number above. If you have tried to contact us through Wix, please call or text the above numbers for fast response times.

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A Private Pilot's license is a license to HAVE FUN!  It is a great way to push yourself, your mind, and see what you can accomplish when you set yourself a new challenge! There are fewer than 200,000 private pilots in the country - come and join this small group.  Take the first step - schedule a discovery flight soon!  Whether it be for fun, a 'bucket list' thing, or you are actually considering a career in aviation, let us help you with your questions, and hopefully be your first step in becoming a pilot.

Congratulations Maguire on your Private License!

If you have been considering your tailwheel endorsement, here is your chance to do it in a post-WWII golden age of aviation classic. Our 1947 Stinson is one of the lowest time airplanes to be found, with a brand new overhaul on the Franklin engine, and Garmin GNS430 GPS navcom plus ADS-B out and in. Step into the world of flying that your grandparents knew!

Congratulations Stinson on FINALLY GETTING TO IDAHO LOL!!!

Congrats Mike on your fixed wing Comm/Inst checkrides

Congratulations Tom on
Private License!
Congratulations Ben on
Private License!

Cessna 152 (140 hp conversion)

IFR certified

Cessna 172B (163 hp)

IFR certified

Cessna 172D (145 hp)

VFR day/night

Cessna 182P (264 hp)

Dual Training Only

High Performance Sign Offs

IFR certified

Stinson Voyager 108-2 (165 hp)

Dual Training Only

Tailwheel Sign Offs

VFR only



Click here for the FAA requirements, made easy!


Lisa A Breuer


Jim Breuer


Basic and Advanced

Ground Instructor


Congratulations to

our  solos!

Congratulations to

our checkrides!

Chris M.              Matt B.               Owen M.

Sarah C.             Gary W.              Cayze V.

Austin F.             James R.            Erik B.

Travis W.            Betsy W.            Jason M.

Janene D.          Marian M.           Paul A.

Jared F.              Kenny G.            Aaron S. Maguire W.       Jared B.              Joe R.

Andrew S.*        Jaxon S.             Jake P.

John W.*            Rachel F.            Mike M.

*16 birthday solos!                       Zac S.

Ben C.                Guy S.                Josh W.

Erik C.                Mekel H.           David H.

Alex T.

Rob S. - Instrument Rating         Paul A. - Private Pilot

Owen M. - Private Pilot            Travis W. - Private Pilot

Gary W. - Private Pilot                 Paul R. - Private Pilot

Logan T. - Commercial  Pilot      Joe R. - Private Pilot    

Betsy W. - Private Pilot                Eric B. -  Private Pilot

Mike M. - Private Pilot                 Mike M. - Instr. Rating   Kelsey M. - Instr.  Rating      Maguire W. - Private Pilot   Mike M. - Commercial Pilot       Tom H. -  Private Pilot

Ben C. - Private Pilot                     Erik C. - Private Pilot


611 Dauntless Place

Tan Hangar at End of Road

Caldwell Airport

(208) 860-7283

(208) 860-3367



Click on purple box above for more thorough information regarding a renter pilot policy.

All Snake River Flying Club LLC aircraft come with Full Hull and Liability insurance coverage.  All rates are wet (include the fuel) and we never charge for headphone rental. It is strongly suggested you purchase your own Renter's Policy for insurance - SRFC LLC carries full insurance for the protection of the LLC and the aircraft owners and instructors, but due to the extremely high cost of rental airplane insurance, we are unable to provide protection for the renters for possible liabilities that might arise.  We apologize for this, but it is an industry-wide problem, post 9/11.