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Pinch Hitters Weekend

At Snake River Flying Club, we take Pinch Hitter Courses to a WHOLE new level!  After teaching the traditional

style Pinch Hitter course for so many years, SRFC decided to offer a truly new and unique aviation experience, complete with enrichment classes and an immersion into piloting skills for an entire weekend.  So we designed a program unlike any other.  (And it starts with a Friday night catered BBQ, "meet and greet" your instructors and fellow student pilots for the weekend!)


Our Pinch Hitter will teach you not only the bare minimums to "getting it on the ground in an emergency", but we teach you how to get help from ATC and FSS, as well as other pilots if that is your best option.  Emergency coping skills are taught by an EMT instructor who specializes in teaching new medic recruits how to keep their wits, and maintain their high level of function in a high stress emergency situation. We teach you how to find the nearest airport, then how to navigate there using pilotage skills, and basic E6B calculations (including fuel needed.)  You will learn the basics of aircraft control, how to fly safely and avoid a stall or excessively steep turn, then what to do IF you do happen to get too slow or too steep.  Our club even has a pilot who is a mountain rescue and survival expert, who will teach you what to do if you find yourself in a survival situation, in the event you end up in a remote location. 

These weekend-long courses run two times each year.  Please call for availability.  We will custom tailor the date for you, for classes of 6 or more students. (Find some friends!)  Max class size is 6 per session. $25 discount for groups of 4 or more. Regular program price:  $800/pilot      Discounted Group price:  $775/pilot

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