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Onboarding Process

This is the information you will need to learn about and some requirements we will need from you before you can start your training.  The Discovery Flight CAN be flown without all of these tasks done, but we MUST have these things completed before you get additional lessons scheduled.  This is because if you have any issues that can prevent you from getting a medical certificate, we want you to know NOW, and before you have spent a lot of money. It is a surprisingly long list of things that can throw a wrench into your works; but the good news is, we see pretty much everyone get through the process with time.  


To Begin With:

°A student file will be created.  Initially, we will need                      

1. Full Name 

2. Email

3. Telephone numbers (preferably one we can text) 

4. Address      

5. Emergency contact info



Next - you need a Medical

°Required to Solo, and strongly suggested that you obtain early in your training.

We use these doctors - but feel free to use any FAA authorized examiner. It is a good idea to contact your doctor before you go to MedExpress (link below) to get advice on navigating that requirement.

*Dr. Turner, 2950 E Magic View Dr, suite 100, Meridian

(208) 631-7762 

*Dr Higginbotham, 7685 West Emerald St, Boise,

(208) 376-2522

*Dr Collins, 1789 South Broadway Ave Suite 100, Boise, (208)287-0203.  Also has an office at Caldwell airport.




Now you need your Medical and FTN (Links not available on Mobile Version)

Med Express (medical start page)  click the airplane icon

IACRA (FAA) page - click the airplane icon

This FTN is required before we can solo you, so again, get this process started within a couple weeks after starting with us.



Time to STUDY!

To help you with your studies, (especially the tricker topics), we have linked videos and articles on page 3. These are NOT meant to replace your book study though - use these as supplements to your regular studies.

On the pilot training and supply page of this website, we have a complete listing of the books we use, plus other books we have found to be helpful in this process.  Do Not be hesitant to buy books!  You are starting your Aviation Library, something you will have forever and you will refer back to in your flying future.  

Click on the airplane icon to purchase these books:




(You can pick these up used in great condition, and make sure to get the High Wing version)

FAR/AIM (regulations/information manual)

STICK & RUDDER - an 80 year old book that is the best book ever written on the art of flying. This book is our philosophy.

Now DO NOT be overwhelmed with the amount of material in all these books!  The FAR/AIM has a section in the beginning that will show you what you need to know.  The private license does not even use half of the material in the FAR/AIM, and the other books (except Stick & Rudder) also have material not applicable to the private license.

LASTLY: Come up with a Plan for your Homestudy

You can pay us to feed you everything you need to know for your Private Pilot Written test, but we honestly do not want to do that.  It is far better to come up with a home study system - set aside a time each week that you focus on your flying.  Give yourself reading assignments (we provide you with a plan) and stick with a plan.  The number one problem we see is that people underestimate the hours at home this requires. For every hour you fly, plan on studying 2 hours at home.  Getting a 71% on your written is NOT ok!!! 

We suggest you do trial runs with as many on line ground schools as possible. The ones that keep coming back to us with positive reviews from the students are King (good old John and Martha - they literally invented the video version of ground school!), Sporty's, Gleim, ASA and MzeroA.  But you need to try them all and see what you like.  

The last book you need to purchase IF your online ground school does not provide you with the test questions for the Private Written, is the ASA Private Pilot Written Test Prep.

       Click here for this book

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