The Planes:

Our 152 is a great little IFR trainer for pilots under 200 pounds.  It is equipped with dual Garmin G5's (mini glass cockpit) plus King and Garmin navcoms and GNS430 (WAAS) GPS, as well as a King ADF.  The 141 horsepower engine wastes no time getting to altitude for multiple instrument approaches. Powerful enough to not take forever to get to altitude, but slow enough that you are not frustrated trying to keep up learning the skills!


Our most recent addition is Captain America, a 1963 C-172. "Cap" comes from the Reno area, and is a nice low time 1963 172 with basically the same King & Garmin radio package as the rest of the planes.    If you like moving maps, you will love Cap.  He has two Garmin GPS's! Cap is a day/night VFR only airplane.

"Ray" (01X) is back!! He was down for 6 months for his LyCon overhaul, and we are so happy to have him back helping out! The 163 horsepower engine is broken in and ready to go.  Another upgrade we did on Ray was to put a Garmin 106A CDI in him in the #1 nav position.

The 182 is back!  Another recipient of a new LyCon engine this year, "Mike" is done with his break in hours and is available for high performance training.  New to his panel is a second Garmin GPS, he now has a GNS530, a WAAS GNS430,

dual Garmin G5's, and a Lynx 9000 touchscreen transponder. Now with traffic on both the 430 and the Lynx, in addition to the nice panel and this new 264 horse engine, Mike is AMAAAA-ZING!

The Stinson's new Franklin engine is ON!  And we finally caught a break in the smoke and got him over here from western Oregon. The brand new 165 hp Franklin engine is broken in, and "Hank" (65H) is available for tailwheel endorsements and dual instruction. (No, we cannot rent him out solo.)  Tailwheel time is great skill builder, and we encourage all the primary students to get a couple lessons in the taildragger to give them an ever more rounded training experience.  If you have been thinking about adding a new endorsement to your license, give us a call.  Tailwheel is a very good skill builder and will refine your landings and takeoffs like no nosewheel airplane ever could.


 Our planes are equipped with ADS-B IN and OUT, meaning you can see the live traffic on the GPS screen.  A VERY valuable tool at Idaho's busiest airport! (The Stinson is equipped with ADS-B out, and traffic is seen on the iPad on the panel.)

"Ray", the 1961 Cessna 172B.  Panel: Garmin GNS430W (WAAS) GPS/navcom,  (#1 CDI is a Garmin 106A, GPS or VOR/LOC glideslope) Narco Mk 12D navcom (#2 CDI is VOR/LOC glideslope); PS Engineering 6000B audio panel; Garmin GTX345 xpdr; dual PTT's; Stratus USB charging ports in panel (handy for phone or tablet); ADS-B "in" and "out" compliant, live traffic and weather* available on the GPS screen. Ray also has new glass all the way around, upholstery and paint, all in 2016, and in 2020 a firewall forward, ported and polished LyCon overhauled engine, with more power than factory new.        $125/hour

The Mighty Juliette Yankee!  Below, the King & Garmin panel on our IFR trainer 152.  Panel: GNS430W (WAAS)  (#1 CDI is an HSI); KX-155 navcom (#2 CDI is VOR/LOC glideslope); dual Garmin G5's, electronic flight instruments ('mini glass cockpit'); KR-87 ADF; dual PTT's, GMA342 audio panel (has instant play back of received calls);  Garmin ADS-B 'in & out' (live traffic and weather* on GPS screen)      $110/hour

Aircraft was inside a hangar at time of photo

2559U "Cap" (for Captain America!) is a 172D, and has the WAAS GNS430 like the rest of the planes, plus he has an additional Garmin 496 GPS unit with a very nice moving map display.  Cap is a day/night 'VFR only' aircraft, with a single VOR, and is perfect for all of your private pilot training.  Cap  has ADS-B in and out, with the traffic displaying on the screen of the Garmin GNS430W unit.  Cap rents for $125 per hour.

1610M "Mike"  C-182P.  Garmin GNS530, GNS430W, Dual Garmin G5's, PS Engineering 6000 audio panel, JPI EDM 900 total engine monitoring system, Lynx 9000 transponder (touch screen, weather, winds aloft, ATAS traffic utilizing ADS-B in and out) Mike has a brand new LyCon overhauled engine, ported and polished and testing out at 264 hp. The C182 is for dual training only for high performance sign offs.  $175/hour

65H "Hank" - a 1947 Stinson Voyager 108-2 with an astounding total airframe time of less than 1800 hours since new.  At the time of this update, the Stinson now has its brand new 165 hp overhauled engine (Southern Aero - Franklin specialists). With a Garmin GNS430 and an Appareo ESG transpoder (ADS-B out) and ForeFlight on the iPad mini (ADS-B in) this is a very nicely equipped plane!  The Stinson is for dual training only for tailwheel sign offs.  $130/hour

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The * is to warn pilots that NO weather is real live time.  There is ALWAYS a delay, which can be as high as 8 minutes or more.  NEVER get too close to weather, based on what you see on a screen. a


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All Snake River Flying Club LLC aircraft come with Full Hull and Liability insurance coverage.  All rates are wet (include the fuel) and we never charge for headphone rental. It is strongly suggested you purchase your own Renter's Policy for insurance - SRFC LLC carries full insurance for the protection of the LLC and the aircraft owners and instructors, but due to the extremely high cost of rental airplane insurance, we are unable to provide protection for the renters for possible liabilities that might arise.  We apologize for this, but it is an industry-wide problem, post 9/11.