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What Is Required?

When my dad learned to fly, it was a different world!  His generation of pilots could look at clouds, tell you what the winds were going to do, and know when to park it without the weather guy's advice.  Nowadays, I think only farmers and fishermen know these things.  But we try very hard to incorporate these "old lessons" from the early pilots, into the new modern world of GPS navigation, computers, as well as the myriad of regulations that just did not exist when he learned.  Oftentimes, I think we are cranking out very 'book smart' pilots, but sadly, pilots who cannot 'think' when the time calls for it.  Our goal at SRFC is to make you as well-rounded as we can.  It starts with ground school, and does not end...ever! 

PRIVATE PILOT-AIRPLANE LAND, these are the minimums as found in Part 61 of the regulations.

           40 HOURS TOTAL TIME (The real average is closer to 85 hours)

20 hrs Dual (with instructor, signed off in your logbook)

*3 hours at night (including a night XC)

*3 hours of simulated instrument ('hood')

*3 hours of cross country flying (any trip of 50 nm+, landing at both ends)

 10 hrs Solo (which you have entered into your logbook)

*3 takeoffs/landings at towered airport, solo (Boise, in our case)

*5 hours solo cross country

*1 solo xc of over 150 nm total length, 3 landings at 3 airports

Pass the Pre-Solo written test for the type plane you will be soloing (given in-house, no charge)

Pass the Written Test (taken at an approved testing facility, for a fee)

Pass the Oral and Practical Tests (taken with a designated examiner, for a fee)

pioneer pilot
cessna 182

You Will Need A Flight Physical Too!

Private Pilots need a Third Class medical in order to solo - so please arrange for your medical soon after beginning training. Click below for information.


Private Pilot License, then add:

50 hrs of Cross Country PIC flying (this does not need to be with an instructor on board, and can include the solo XC time you got training for your private)

40 hrs of simulated or actual instrument flying Remember - you can ONLY go in the clouds if you are flying with an instructor. You may NEVER go into clouds before your checkride is passed. Simulated instrument flying can be done with an appropriately licensed, rated and current pilot riding with you as a Safety Pilot. (Again though, this MUST be done in VFR conditions.)

15 hrs with an Instrument Instructor

One cross country of at least 250 nm with an instructor, and 3 different types of instrument approaches into the airports, completed during the flight, and the maneuvers defined in FAR 61.65(c)

Pass the Written Test

Pass the Oral and Practical Tests

First Step?  Call us for a Discovery Flight!  For $199, you will get a pilot logbook with your lesson signed off by your instructor.  This full two hour session includes classroom ground school, plus the cockpit, preflight, and the most hands-on discovery flight in the valley. It is your first lesson, not just a ride in an airplane.

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