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Fly-In 2021  *  Weiser, Idaho

The Fly-In at Weiser seems to be here to stay!

This year, we had our biggest turn out yet, with 15 participants in the flying contests, as well as about another 15 airplane nuts there to provide help and encouragement to all the competitors!

We sorely missed our Master BBQ Chef Tom Shearer, who now lives in the south (despite our begging them to not move!)  But we got by with a BBQ provided by Frank (THE guy who makes this happen each year!)  Thanks also to Gary who helped man the grill, and Paul who aided in the development of a smashed tin can and vice grips tool to replace the spatula that did not seem to make the trip.

Photo credits

Tony Speer

(the good photos.  The rest of them we took!)


The Contest was basically the same as in the past, a precision cross country, plotted by reference only to lat/long references given at the start of the day.  The winds were so calm that we decided to just not factor in wind, and that seemed to be pretty accurate!  The overall winner Gary Weber had a total penalty time of 16 SECONDS on his entire trip!

In addition to the cross country, the spot landing contest, we also had a game show trivia contest! Everyone was asked to bring in 10 questions, and the whole stack of cards were used as the quiz pool.

This year we had 4 SRFC planes flying, plus two owner planes.  And we STILL could not get everyone a turn at competing.  Next Year - JOSE, you get to go FIRST!

Thank You to everyone who helped make our
Fourth Annual Weiser Airborne Gymkhana another Big Success!


This year's winner was Gary Weber,

Seen here masterfully controlling the homemade spatula, an original creation of Paul Riebe and Gary!


And WHERE would

we be without Frank. 

AKA The Brains of the Operation!


Quinn, in charge of dogsitting.


He might have found the perfect

way to exercise them!

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