Fly-In 2020  *  Weiser, Idaho

The day started with 4 challenges:  First, do a preflight on a plane they had never seen, sabotaged with obvious problems, and some NOT obvious problems!  We had a couple students who found all the squawks, congrats to those who really knew what to look for! Then, everyone into the lounge to plan their pilotage and dead reckoning only cross country over a route defined with just latitude and longitude coordinates.

The Cross Country Planning

There was no GPS, ForeFlight or any electronics.  We are Old School here!  Our students learn to plan flights using plotters and E6B's. (Not to say that we do not also love ForeFlight and our Garmins though!) Everyone was assigned a judge, then given 3 photos to identify from the air.  Points were based on how accurately each pilot could fly their planned trip.  Being more than 1 minute off was a penalty.  Not identifying a photo was a penalty. Not finding a waypoint was a whopping 3 point penalty!

Thank You to everyone who helped make our

Third Annual Weiser Airborne Gymkhana another Big Success!

Best event turn out so far!  Over 25 friends and pilots came and flew, ate great BBQ,  and enjoyed a perfect afternoon at Weiser.  THANK YOU to volunteer judges Maguire, Mike and Jim, Spot Landing and Bomb Drop Judge Frank,

and "right-hand man" helpers Pat, Jose and Andrew. 

And Thank You to the required Dogs of the Event, Bear (L) and Gretchen (R, with her dad James)

Congratulations to First Place Overall (winning by one point!)

Jonathon Conley

Can we ever say enough about the AMAZING BBQ provided by The Shearer Family and their "IDA-Q" !? Professional caterers

Tom and Shelley Shearer provided us with

the most amazing BBQ

And WHERE would

we be without Frank. 

AKA The Brains of the Operation!

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