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Lisa A. Breuer


Certificated Flight Instructor,

Airplane, Instrument and Multi-Engine

Airline Transport Pilot


My 152 and I have been teaching flying since 1985.


My favorite teaching job is the very beginning levels and tailwheel (I love teaching seat of the pants airmanship and "old school" navigation skills), but have had some interesting teaching jobs which included being the CFI in charge of checkouts for a Navy T-34 when I was an instructor at a Navy Flying Club.


Most of my hours of flying have been teaching, outside of a couple summers where I flew Pt 135 ("bush flying" cargo and passengers) out of Cold Bay, Alaska (Aleutian Islands). I've trained and licensed Private pilots through Multi-Engine Flight Instructors.

Jim Breuer


Basic and Advanced Ground Instructor

Commercial Pilot


Jim has flown since the mid-'80s and has been teaching flying since 1995. His experience includes Alaska, Idaho's backcountry, and local teaching. In addition to his flying, he was a Flight Test Engineer for F-14 and F/A-18 fighters, and also a Software Engineer at HP for 23 years.

Now a retired Engineer, he has returned to his former profession as a full-time Flight Instructor. He teaches Private and Commercial flight students and specializes in the Commercial maneuvers training and introduction to back country flying. During ground school sessions, he also teaches in our weekly ground school and is available for private tutoring.

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