Pilot & Training Supplies

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The Books we use are the First FOUR listed below:  PHAK, Airplane Flying Handbook, FAR/AIM and a Logbook.  Please purchase these at the start of your training.

Looking for an affordable pair of headphones? 

We have been using these Kore headphones for several years now, and are pleased with the quality. 

They are equal to David Clarks in passive noise reduction and similar in comfort.

(These are NOT noise reducing heaphones like the Bose or LightSpeeds!

They are also not hundreds of dollars.)


Pilot's Handbook of
Aeronautical Knowledge (PHAK)
Airplane Flying Handbook
Private Pilot Test Prep
(what we use for ground school)
Stick and Rudder (possibly the
best book on flying ever written!)
Aviation Weather Services
(in-depth explanation of weather products)
Aviation Weather (meteorology and weather theory)
Flight Bags
Whole USA wall planning
NW Chart Supplement
(formerly known as A/FD (green book)
SW Chart Supplement
(formerly known as A/FD (green book)
FAA Chart Users Guide
(not required, just interesting!)
Oral Exam Guide-Private Pilot
(prep for the checkride)
Oral Exam Guide-Private Pilot
(prep for the checkride)
Instrument Pilot Test Prep
(prep for the FAA written)
Oral Exam Guide-Instrument Rating
(prep for the checkride)
Commercial Pilot Test Prep
(prep for the FAA written)
Oral Exam Guide-Commercial Pilot
(prep for the checkride)
Airman Certification Standards
Commercial Pilot
FAA FAR/AIM 2020 (regulations)
Pilot Logbook (required)
Plotter  (for measuring courses
on sectional maps)
E6-B flight computers (because we are Old School here!)
iPads (mandatory for use with
ForeFlight electronic flight bag)
SLC Sectional
(Our chart)
Klamath Falls Sectional
(Chart west of Oregon border)
Great Fall Sectional
(Chart north of us, incl. McCall)
Seattle Sectional
Airman Certification Standards
Private Pilot
Airman Certification Standards
Instrument Rating
Instructor Test Prep
(prep for the FAA written)
Oral Exam Guide-Flight Instructor
(prep for the checkride)
Private Pilot Checkride Prep
(Virgil Royer)
Fantastic help to prep for your ride
Gleim Private Pilot Maneuvers
Gleim Private Pilot Maneuvers
Gleim Commercial Pilot Maneuvers

A note about ForeFlight: 

Please read the following info regarding the iPad required to use ForeFlight: 


Click on purple box above for more thorough information regarding a renter pilot policy.

All Snake River Flying Club LLC aircraft come with Full Hull and Liability insurance coverage.  All rates are wet (include the fuel) and we never charge for headphone rental. It is strongly suggested you purchase your own Renter's Policy for insurance - SRFC LLC carries full insurance for the protection of the LLC and the aircraft owners and instructors, but due to the extremely high cost of rental airplane insurance, we are unable to provide protection for the renters for possible liabilities that might arise.  We apologize for this, but it is an industry-wide problem, post 9/11.