History of Us:

SRFC LLC of Caldwell is the 'reincarnation' of our original SRFC flight school of 22 years ago.  We have been in the pilot training business since 1985, specializing in Private pilot training, and have successfully taught every fixed wing land plane license and rating from Private up to all three Instructor certificates (single engine land, multi engine land and instrument airplane.) Along with my husband Jim, we have had two other flight schools, but when our daughter was very young, I decided to stay home and be a full-time mom, so I stopped flying for a while. 

Now, she is out of school (an engineer! We are very proud!) and married (to a great guy!)

so here we are - SRFC 2.0. 

One BIG difference between the SRFC and some other flying clubs is that we interview potential students before we sell you any lessons or a club membership.  We will schedule a convenient time for you, and just sit and go over the curriculum, show you what to expect during training, and answer all questions you will undoubtedly have about becoming a licensed pilot.  There is of course no charge for this, we want to make sure that you are comfortable with us, as well as us with you! This helps us know that we are only renting to people we are very familiar with, and who accept the responsibility of taking this seriously, and welcome the plan to be trained to standards which are far beyond what the FAA requires.  Decision-making skills are the top priority with us, and each lesson has this critical lesson pushed and refined. Your flying lesson is only a small part of the effort you will be putting into this!  Lessons can go as fast or slow as you want, but we suggest you plan on being able to fly two lessons per week, three if you can (but not more, it usually does not speed things up unless you are only in "student pilot" mode in your life!)  One big aspect is your home study- it is super important.  Flying is not just something you think about on your flying lesson day. But if you apply yourself, you will complete your FAA written with a very high score.  (At this time, our average written test score of our students is 91%.)  This 'learning to fly' business is NOT just a weekly trip to the airport.  It is a commitment from you, cutting a night or two out of your own schedule to hit the books, watch videos, attend ground school if that is a good fit for you, THEN come out for your lesson!


Learning with us is NOT the fastest license in the valley, nor the cheapest. But if you place top importance on quality of instruction, quality of airplanes, and instruction from a CFI with a background which goes from having been a bush pilot on the Alaskan Peninsula/Aleutian Islands, to being a CFI in the busiest airspace in the world; or CFI's who are current airline pilots and love teaching on the side, then we might be right for you.  Give us a call, set up a discovery flight, and see if maybe SRFC is the best option for your training needs.

Lisa Adickes Breuer

My flying started at about 8, we were an "airplane family".  I soloed on my 16th birthday, but had an instructor that did not really explain why departure stalls always looked like spin entries (..because when I did them, they WERE spin entries,)  so shortly after soloing, I quit.  It was terrifying!  Incomplete instruction will do that to a person...  So when I started back up again a few years later, I finally got a terrific instructor (shout out to YOU, John Meadows of BOI!) After terrifying him with what I thought a stall was, we sat down and did some actual ground school, I finally LEARNED what was going on! I vowed to NEVER do that to a student if I ever became a CFI. 

Jim Breuer
Commercial Instrument

Jim and I met when he was a student in 1986 - a mutual friend handed him over to me as a soloed fledgling, when she left for another job. Jim has loved airplanes for as long as he can remember, and could not wait until he could fly himself.  He is a licensed Commercial-Instrument pilot, and for many years also held a CFI-A (airplane) certificate.  Recently retired from many years in engineering, Jim now spends time flying both locally and in Alaska. 

With thousands of hours of instruction under our belts, and no desire to NOT be teaching, (we are not new pilots who are just building time on your dime!)  My instructors and I will do everything we can to make you the best pilot you can be!  I am a firm believer in "Never Stop Learning", and hopefully we can instill this desire to be the best you can be into you, too!


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All Snake River Flying Club LLC aircraft come with Full Hull and Liability insurance coverage.  All rates are wet (include the fuel) and we never charge for headphone rental. It is strongly suggested you purchase your own Renter's Policy for insurance - SRFC LLC carries full insurance for the protection of the LLC and the aircraft owners and instructors, but due to the extremely high cost of rental airplane insurance, we are unable to provide protection for the renters for possible liabilities that might arise.  We apologize for this, but it is an industry-wide problem, post 9/11.